The Great Plains Zoo is home to one of the most endangered species still left on the planet, the Red Wolf and the six Red Wolf pups that the Sioux Falls Zoo cares for finally received their names on Friday.

On May 4th, 2023, six red wolf pups were born at the Great Plains Zoo. Four males and two females, to first-time parents Camelia and Uyosi.

Shortly after the pups were born, the Great Plains Zoo began inviting people from all over the Sioux Empire to vote on names they felt the zoo should call its new six red wolf residents.

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According to Dakota News Now, there were several names to choose from, most of which had Native American origins. After much thought and deliberation, the zoo has elected to go with the names Chesmu, Inali, Yaholo, Kajika, Imala, and Ajana.

Each of these names chosen has a special meaning behind it. For instance, Chesmu means "Gritty and Witty." Inali is the "Black Fox." Yaholo is known as the "One Who Yells." Kajika has been dubbed the one who "Walks Without Sound." The meaning behind the name Imala is "Strong Minded", and the name Ajana means "Eternal Bloom."

Dakota News Now reports, that tragically, only about two dozen red wolves still survive in the wild right now. That's why the Great Plains Zoo is doing everything in its power to help prevent the Red Wolf species from going extinct.

Last May, Dakota News Now reported the zoo has a plan to breed pairs of these wolves with the greatest possible genetic diversity, to help bolster the wild population. The zoo's main goal is to re-release these animals back into the wild sometime in the future.

The red wolves are the most endangered animals the Great Plains Zoo currently cares for, and that's why the zoo has made it their primary mission to save them.

You can see these six red wolf pups and all the other animal species the zoo has to offer daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Learn all about the Great Plains Zoo here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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