A Sioux Falls woman has found a thrifty way to make some extra cash while attending college in Minnesota.

Abbie Griffin of Sioux Falls will be a senior attending the University of Minnesota this fall. And when Griffin's not busy focusing on her classes, she's combing through second-hand thrift shops looking for clothing to buy that she sells via her Instagram account.

Not only is her bank account growing as a result. Her Instagram account has exploded since October of 2020.

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Pigeon 605 in Sioux Falls spoke with Griffin recently, and she told them her Insta account has grown by 10,000 followers in just 10 months as a result of using Instagram to help promote her social media thrifting side hustle biz.

According to the Pigeon 605 story, Griffin started up her business by selling her old clothes that no longer fit or were not her style any longer. After that, she got the idea to start visiting area thrift stores to find trendy clothing options that she knew would sell.

Griffin photographs all the clothing pieces she sells. Often times, modeling the clothing herself in the photos. Then she posts each item with a bid price and a bin (buy it now) price. Once an item sells, Griffin will package it up, along with one of her business cards, and send the item off to its new owner.

Her business started gaining traction once she began telling friends, family, coworkers, and classmates about her account. But she knew for this idea to reach its full potential, she needed to reach a much broader audience. So Griffin began to contact other people with Instagram accounts that were doing a similar type of thing and were also offering paid shoutouts.

As Griffin told Pigeon 605, a paid shoutout is when you pay a small amount of money to another person with an Instagram account, and that person posts an Instagram story about your page, exposing your content to all of their followers. Once Griffin began doing that, she started seeing significant gains in both her Instagram followers and her used clothing sales business.

You can check out Griffin's Instagram account @thriftwhatyourmamagaveu. And read the rest of Abbie's story now in Pigeon 605.

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Source: Pigeon 605

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