The City will tell their side of the Premier Center settlement on Tuesday. Sioux Falls City Council will get the details during their Informational Meeting at Carnegie Town Hall.

Nearly two weeks after the South Dakota Supreme Court ordered the confidential agreement unsealed, Mayor Huether’s team will give more insight into the million dollar deal. Councilor Christine Erickson who is the group’s Vice Chairman wants the administration’s point of view in the open.

“We only knew what (the public) knew. Councilor (Rick) Kiley and myself really stressed that we really would like you to come (before the Council) as soon as possible. So October 3 (for a presentation) is a good thing. It’s two weeks after the settlement.”

Additionally, the method of how the information was released didn’t quite meet Erickson’s expectations.

“There should have been a marketing plan with a press conference and an official statement. That wasn’t done. It was a press release with the settlement and (nothing else). To be honest, it was a media feeding frenzy. Then that creates speculation.”

Erickson can sympathize with the administration over the million dollar number aspect of cash in hand versus the value of the settlement. However she does take issue with not initially being able to probe further on the finer points of the agreement when it was first announced.

The presentation will take place at 4:00 PM Tuesday (October 3).

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