With interest rates continuing to skyrocket, renting is becoming more and more popular, and even a necessity for some people.

If you live in Sioux Falls and happen to be renting a property at the moment, here's a little something that will hopefully help put a smile on your face. According to a new study that was recently published in USA Today, Sioux Falls happens to be one of the best cities in America for those looking to rent.

According to a story from Dakota News Now, data from the U.S. Census Department and Zillow shows that Sioux Falls currently ranks #3 in the nation when it comes to rental costs. We trail only Cary, North Carolina, and Overland Park, Kansas in the department.

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The data reveals the average rental costs each month in Sioux Falls are around $1,170. The research from the study is based on data compiled from 315 of the country’s most populated cities. The study looked at which cities provide renters the best benefits for their quality of life along with the best cost.

Sioux Falls scored high marks in the various categories, giving renters more bang for their buck.

Want more proof that now is a good time to rent in the Sioux Falls area, look no further than the number of new apartment buildings that keep popping up all over the Sioux Empire.

As soon as these new apartment complexes are constructed, the data shows they usually don't stay vacant for very long.

Here's another little factoid that makes renting even more attractive for the people in South Dakota's largest city. Dakota News Now reports that exactly half of the rental properties in Sioux Falls are pet-friendly in 2024. As a result, the city of Sioux Falls currently ranks #4 in the nation when it comes to having a companion with 4 legs living with you.

You can take a look at USA Today's study regarding rental costs here.

Source: Dakota News Now/USA Today

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