If you've been hearing some big 'Boom' noises in north Sioux Falls there is no need to worry. The Sioux Falls Police Department is using 'sound cannons' to help control the goose population in the northern part of the city.

The Sioux Falls Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page:

Sioux Falls Animal Control and Game, Fish and Parks began using sound cannons to scare geese from quarry ponds near the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds. The goal is to reduce the number of geese flying in and out of the pond which makes it safer for airplanes. There is no danger to the public. The cannons will go off several times during the day but will be turned on only during daytime hours.

SFPD Facebook
SFPD Facebook

The Daily News reports that experts say bird strikes are an increasingly serious problem. They cause an estimated $600 million a year in damage to planes.

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