I am an extremely curious person by nature. That is probably why I know a little bit about a lot of things. But the breadth and width of those things that remain undiscovered by me, as with most of us, are astounding.

That is being brought home to me in a number of different ways this week. It all started with a black squirrel which appeared in a tree, in the nature area behind our building here at work. I have never seen one, nor was I aware they even existed.

However, if looks of disbelief and words of condescension are any indicators, I may be the only person in my circle of friends and colleagues unaware of the presence of this fascinating creature (which by the way is the result of a genetic mutation) on our planet.

Then, yesterday, I came across an article from Taste of Home containing what they claim to be the "Top Thanksgiving Recipe from Every State". I found out to my complete surprise that something called Squash Apple Soup from Holly Wilhelm, of Sioux Falls, was the favorite in South Dakota!

I am unsure how this was actually determined, as they only briefly mention the number of positive reviews the recipe received. This is not to say that Holly's soup is not fabulous, because my sister Carmela (who now lives in Montana) makes a very similar soup that is fantastic.

Finally, this morning, I came across a word I didn't recognize. The word is greige. Yes, greige. Unbeknownst to me, this word is an amalgamation, a mash-up as it were, of the words, grey and beige.

This has been a "thing" with designers, paint producers, furniture and home accessory manufacturers, and artsy types, for apparently quite some time now. Of course, since I am none of those, I come by my ignorance on this one very honestly.

Consider my mind boggled! And it's only Tuesday!!

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