I had to run an errand on Tuesday, which involved one of my least favorite activities; being photographed. I'm always afraid a photographer will someday look through their camera lens at the short, round creature in front of them and utter a blunt - "yuck"!

So far that hasn't happened, because as everyone knows photographers are great liars. They tell every subject, "you look great, absolutely great"! It is not within them to tell someone like me, that "you closely resemble Jabba the Hutt's mother"!

But I digress. This brief photography session took place in the 8th & Railroad Center in Downtown Sioux Falls. I have been there to shop at the stores, but have never before ventured into the multi-floored office area. It is a maze of clean, fashionable spaces with all sorts of businesses occupying them.

As I meandered through the web of offices, I walked past what looked like a 4 foot rabbit made out of what appeared to be Mylar balloons. My first instinct was to examine it closer and place my grubby mitts on him, until I observed the "Please don't touch" sign.

The next oddity was something even weirder, but definitely interesting and since there was no "don't touch" sign--I did. It is a large ball made out of rubber bands, but not your run-of-the-mill rubber bands.

Maybe when Brandon Barta started it, he wrapped a regular rubber band around the art bead he used as the core. But as it got larger he apparently also found big rubber bands to use. Some of them have snapped and it is looking a bit sad now, but it was fun to see this almost ridiculous (almost) piece of pseudo-artwork sitting on a pedestal in a quiet hallway at the 8th & Railroad Center.

It made me smile and say "holy crap!"  You should check it out too and perhaps you'll say the same.


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