A Sioux Falls car wash that had a reputation for being one of the best places in town to have your vehicle detailed is now closed, temporarily.

KSFY TV is reporting that the 10th Street Autawash cleaned their last car on Wednesday, (April 25). The car wash had been open for the past 25 years on the east side of Sioux Falls.

The good news, that location will be shinning up cars again very soon, according to KSFY, Silverstar recently purchased the 10th Street Autawash and is now in the process of installing new equipment and signage. The new 10th Street location will give Silverstar five car wash locations throughout the city of Sioux Falls.

Silverstar co-owner Ryan Holte told KSFY TV, "The new location's top priority will be working with long-time Autawash customers in order to retain their business."

If you're sitting on a pile of 10th Street Autawash gift certificates and wondering, now what? Silverstar asks that you please contact them at 605-361-3557 for options on how to redeem those previously purchased services.

Source: KSFY TV

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