A baby owl was given a second chance at life over the weekend thanks to a pair of Iowa sheriff's deputies in Woodbury County.

Dakota News Now reports that Woodbury County, Iowa's Sheriff's Deputies Cottrell and Lenz were on patrol together on Saturday morning (February 3) when they discovered a small, wounded baby owl early that morning along Interstate I-29 in Woodbury County.

According to Dakota News Now, the small wounded bird appeared to have a broken wing when they discovered it along the highway. Deputies Cottrell and Lenz scooped up the bird and took it to a local wildlife rescue expert for an evaluation, and treatment, and to begin the healing and rehabilitation process.

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Needless to say, after coming to the owls' rescue, both deputies are receiving numerous attaboys and accolades all over social media. The two are being labeled as heroes after giving the bird a new lease on life.

Screech owls like the little dude rescued on Saturday morning are actually quite common and widespread throughout eastern South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

The typical rehabilitation process for an owl with this type of injury can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Once fully healed, the bird will be released back out into the wild.

Source: Dakota News Now

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