For many young people, their first summer job is a rite of passage. It's kind of a bridge to adulthood. Or was that just me? In any case, summer employment in South Dakota is bountiful and Wallet Hub confirmed that in its latest study.

Tourism is a big part of South Dakota's humming economy. It is, in fact, the second-largest industry in the state. This may explain in part why one South Dakota city ranked so incredibly high in this recent study.

Mount Rushmore & downtown Deadwood
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Wallet Hub's study on the Best Places for Summer Jobs looked at over 180 of the largest cities in the U.S. and compared them in two major categories - A) Youth Job Market and B) Social Environment and Affordability.

Under Youth Job Market they examined things like summer job availability, unemployment and underemployment rates, median incomes, and more.

When looking at Social Environment & Affordability they considered the minimum wage, rental prices, commuter-friendliness of jobs, and fun, active-lifestyle, and singles friendliness.

South Dakota badlands
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As the warm months approach, many young people in South Dakota eagerly anticipate landing a summer job. Our state offers a wide array of seasonal employment options that allow students and others to earn money while enjoying the great outdoors.

Two South Dakota cities received high marks for summer job opportunities.

Rapid City South Dakota water tower
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In fact, Rapid City ranks third in the country. Yup, number 3 for summer job opportunities in the entire U.S.! They even dedicated an in-depth examination of Rapid City's job market for their study.

Rapid City has the biggest "summer employment bump" in the country. It also has the 9th most summer jobs per capita and relatively cheap commuter prices, plus being a great place for singles.

Sioux Falls South Dakota
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Sioux Falls also made a decent showing in this study, coming in 21st overall out of 182 cities that Wallet Hub examined.

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You can see this encouraging study at Wallet Hub.

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