Now before you go thinking that South Dakota is the only place with weird laws still in their government codes, stop!

Minnesota has a law that makes it illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head and you're not allowed to walk your elephant on main street either. Now those are weird laws!

Only in Your State/South Dakota did the research and found some pretty strange laws.

  • Sleeping in a cheese factory is still fully against the law in our state. And I'm going to be honest, I've had dreams like that!
  • Huron has a law against causing static. I'd like to see them try to enforce that during a South Dakota winter.
  • All hotels must have twin beds and they must be two feet apart. This law also states that you cannot sneak in any nooky in the space between the beds.
  • It is perfectly legal to use fireworks to protect your sunflower crop.
  • Showing movies where police officers are struck, beaten, or treated offensively is strictly against the law. Someone better call Hollywood and let them know!
  • Finally, every South Dakotan's favorite law- -Horses are not allowed in fountains unless they're wearing pants.

For more information on weird South Dakota laws see Only in Your State/South Dakota.

Source: Only in Your State/South Dakota

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