My favorite pizza is the one that's in front of me! That probably shows a glaring lack of discretion on my part. But the thing is, I really love pizza. And, I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one who feels that way.

When you're hungry for pizza, but short on cash and Jack's frozen pizza is on sale- -that may be the pizza you chow down on.

But for the sake of argument, Best Things South Dakota came up with their list of the Seven Best Pizza Places in South Dakota.

Big Time Pizza, Hot Springs, South Dakota
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1. Big Time Pizza, Hot Springs

If you're a spicy pizza lover the pepperoni, onion, buffalo, jalapeños, and sriracha creation above is right up your alley.

This down-to-earth joint has thick, soft crust, heaps of cheese, and wonderful topping combinations.- Best Things South Dakota


Charlie's PIzza Yankton, South Dakota Reuben Pizza
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2. Charlie's Pizza House, Yankton, SD

Charlie's claims to be the oldest pizza place in South Dakota. It opened in 1959 and no one has challenged that delicious claim. Their specialty pizzas are amazing! Just check  out that Reuben pizza above.

 The atmosphere is cozy and retro, with neon lighting and vintage artwork adorning the walls.- -Best Things South Dakota


We are so lucky that Charlie's expanded back to Sioux Falls and we've had the benefit of having Charlie's catered in for lunch numerous times. No one misses lunch at work on those days!

Dough Trader Pizza, Spearfish, South Dakota
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3. Dough Trader Pizza Company, Spearfish, SD

Best Things South Dakota had two pieces of advice about this wonderful pizza place and that is that they only accept cash and don't skimp on the cheese bread!

The toppings are abundant and flavorful, the hand-tossed sourdough crust is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and the dough is the best in the state.--Best Things South Dakota

Pepperoni pizza at Pizza King Brookings South Dakota
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4. Pizza King, Brookings, SD

Pizza King serves authentic Italian pizza with thin crust and thick sauce and as you can see, plenty of cheese!

Pizza King prides itself on being the pizza Brookings grew up on.--Best Things South Dakota

Green Goat Pizza Independent Ale House, Rapid City South Dakota
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5. Independent Ale House, Rapid City, SD

40 different taps of beer and some of the best one-of-a-kind pizza creations in the state, like the above "Green Goat"  pizza.

This joint knows how to keep customers coming back.-Best Things South Dakota 

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6. Tomacelli's Pizza and Pasta

Well known for their delicious pizzas and their gigantically long list of toppings!

With 25 gourmet and specialty pizzas, customers are guaranteed to find exactly the pizza they are craving!- Best Things South Dakota.

cheesy pizza
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7. Pizza Lab, Central City, SD

Put 14 different pizzas on the menu, add 17 flavors of ice cream and a lunch buffet and you're going to make a lot of people happy.

The atmosphere is fun with video games and pool tables to play at while your pizza is cooking.-Best Things South Dakota

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