Yaks on the Run with the Law on their Yak Backs!! (Okay, they were just strolling).

These majestic animals with a name that when spelled incorrectly as yack, instead of yak, has become interchangeable with a nickname for vomiting.

I'm one of those people who hear the term "yakking" and instantly wonder where did this come to mean upchucking? After all, yakking really means chatting, and yacking is puking. But as I said, misspell the word and its meaning gets muddied.

Where was I? Oh yes, Yaks. They were domesticated thousands of years ago and have recently become very popular for their long, luxurious hair and their - -meat.

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Maybe it's just me, but putting the terms Yak and meat together, must clearly be an error.

However, some Pennington County yaks made a run for it on Sunday night. (Again, it was probably more of a saunter). And the deputies who responded to a call from a property owner that went something like - "Uh yeah, there's yaks on my lawn! Could somebody come and get 'em?"

I'm sure the dispatcher made the homeowner repeat that.

The deputies came out and instantly became buddies with the male yak, but the female was a bit more stand-offish. Thankfully there was no "Yak-Attack!"

The Penning County deputies eventually, did get them corralled and returned them to their owners.

I did some research into yak hair which is turned into beautiful and extremely soft yarn-

Not commonly thought of, yak is one of the finest of luxury fibers, possessing a remarkable strength and softness, finer than even cashmere.- - Knitting the Natural Way

I truthfully had no interest in what the market for yak meat was. I mean, come on - -Yak Pot Roast, Shredded Yak sandwiches, Yak gravy...Yikes!

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