There are no circumstances under which I could even be remotely referred to as mechanically inclined. Oh, I've done things like put a Weber Kettle grill together, change a handle on a storm door, and replace a toilet seat, but anything more complicated than that and it means a call to my BFF of 41 years, Georgie.

She is the queen of accomplishing and creating things on her own. Whether it's changing oil, painting the entire house, plumbing issues - -she will figure it out and just do it. Over the years she has helped me construct a number of furniture items in my home, including the desk armoire I'm working at right now.

With one exception, (a leaning shelf unit we built together after a few too many libations) she is very gifted at all things mechanical. So it was with trepidation, that I faced the prospect of putting together a new office chair, by myself, thanks to this social distancing thing we have going on.

I have always had a strange problem with spatial awareness. Which more than likely explains, why I have tripped and fallen so much in my life, and, why I find IQ tests so irritating. (No, I don't know which triangle should be next in that sequence!!)

Regardless, I forged ahead. Just me, my Allen wrench, and a giant box of the chair, in the middle of the living room.

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