Geesh, what's this world coming to when a couple of guys can't even sell a simple pair of shoes face to face without getting rolled at gunpoint?

That's exactly what happened to two Sioux Falls men on Tuesday (August 16) outside an apartment complex on the city's eastside.

Dakota News Now is reporting that the incident is believed to have happened around 3:30 that afternoon in the area of 6th and Bahnson.

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The transaction started on social media when the victims in the case set up a meeting with the suspect intending to sell a pair of shoes to what the victims thought was a potential buyer.

That however, is not what happened. Once the victims arrived at the agreed-upon location, outside of an apartment complex somewhere in the vicinity of 6th and Bahnson, three men were there waiting. According to Dakota News Now, one of the men produced a gun and demanded the shoes. In addition to taking the footwear, the suspects also took the two victims' cell phones and then fled the scene.

Upon getting robbed, the two victims notified the police of the crime.

My wife is one of these people that's always engineering some kind of back alley deal for items she purchased on Facebook Marketplace. She prides herself on being a real bargain hunter. Seemingly every other week, she is buying one thing or another from people online on social media. Then meeting these sellers in various high-profile places throughout town to complete the transaction.

I give her a hard time about stepping into a situation like the one that occurred on Tuesday afternoon in east Sioux Falls. Let's face it, you, can never be too careful these days.

There is a simple and safe solution to finalizing online transactions of this nature.

Sam Clemens, with the Sioux Falls Police Department, told Dakota News Now that police highly recommend the public use the Law Enforcement Center as a place to exchange goods with someone they came in contact with over social media.

According to Clemens, the LEC has designated areas for these types of meetings. The secure locations inside the LEC have cameras located everywhere, so there will always be plenty of surveillance footage should a crime occur.

You might want to keep this Law Enforcement Center option in mind, especially if you do quite a few of these social media transactions yourself.

Source: Dakota News Now


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