Athletes are notoriously superstitious, wearing the same socks, undies, or jewelry for games on end during a winning streak. So it's not surprising that the Minnesota Twins have a good-luck item they're bringing to every game right now.

They're on a 10-game winning streak and they're transporting their good-luck item from game to game in a ziploc bag.

We're talking about a large Cloverdale Foods summer sausage. Cloverdale produces and supplies the Twins' official bacon, but the summer sausage was just a gift.

How did the miracle sausage come to be? It was mailed to Kyle Farmer in a sort of care package from Cloverdale. Farmer decided he didn't want the sausage and put it on a table where he hoped someone who did want it, would take it.

Apparently, one of the coaches saw it, took it, put it in the dugout, and you know what they say - "The rest is history!"

Even Minnesota Twins manager Rocco Baldelli has some thoughts on the lucky sausage:

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The Twins current winning streak is their longest since 2008. You've got to admit that's a pretty meaty accomplishment!

Source: MPR News

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