A recent Reddit thread caught our attention and frankly, we couldn't get enough of it. The question was, "Postal Workers of Reddit: What do you need right now? How can we brighten your day when we see you on our routes?" With over 5,000 mail carriers weighing in we read most of them. Yeah, we didn't get any work done on Thursday.

Here's a small selection of answers - and I think they're so good.

f309rod Former carrier here. Had one house that always left me a bottle of ice-cold water. The highlight of that route!
kbhaden Husband delivers mail and he loves just about anything people do. From pictures drawn from kids along the route to thank you letters to cold water and ding dongs. He is appreciative of it all!!
Iggie_Chungu Delivers packages... likes ding dongs... I hate to break it to you.
JamesTgoat Former carrier as well...water on a hot day is a godsend. Remember though, your mailbox is an oven in the heat. Frozen water is key. Also...just be nice. Shits harder than you think it is.
SkullGearMC Cold drinks and maybe a bag of chips or something. I’m a current carrier and seeing that stuff can completely brighten our day. Also just saying hi, or leaving a note saying thank you.
A big mailbox is nice... but also give us places to hide packages, we don't want to haul that back
kmar821 Stop letting your dogs shit in the front yard..or pick it up. For crying out loud.
foureyesoffury Please don't ask us what's going on with the post office. We really don't know either. I tell people "I come to work, do my job and go home - until I'm told otherwise." We have no control over anything other than that
Frankapalooza FedEx driver here. Please stay inside the house when you see me coming up to drop the package off. I really don’t want to be around people during the pandemic. Stay inside until I leave. And when I’m walking back to my truck and you decide to open your door and grab your package, thanks really helps my mood. 95% of the time, the job is a thankless job.
 heyitsmelivvyg Not yelling abuse at us because your parcel is late. The number of times I've broken down during this pandemic because of rude/aggressive people yelling at me. Please just show compassion, appreciation for working during the virus, and just being kind. That's all we ask.

SeaofBloodRedRoses Keep your dogs inside. If they're outside, make sure I can access your mailbox without them getting anywhere near me. If your dog is sitting outside and I think there's a risk, you're just not going to get your mail.
O-hmmm I gave my mail deliverer a surprise by coming to the door naked. (Not sure this one needed to be in here but I thought it was amusing :)
the-earthworm If I'm parked in front of your house for 20-30 mins I'm not doing anything nefarious. I'm on my lunch. So please don't call my supervisor to report I'm not working.
Nedgurlin As a carrier please keep the “keep the bills” jokes to yourself. My fake laugh has worn its welcome.
dannyjoe278 To be honest, a carrier would love a cold drink. It's inexpressive and it makes me feel appreciated.
Want to read on? Here's the thread - but you might get sucked into the Reddit wormhole as we did. Sorry, boss.
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