There was a song out in the mid-70s called "Junk Food Junkie" by a guy named Larry Groce. Maybe you remember it?

Here are some of the more memorable lyrics from that song, "Yeah, in the daytime I'm Mr. Natural just as healthy as I can be, but at night I'm a junk food junkie, good lord have pity on me."

I think those lyrics pretty much describe most people. Sure, you will occasionally run into that fitness nut that claims they only eat healthy, and they never snack, while that may be true in a few cases, I'd be willing to bet, most have a secret hiding spot that's filled with Ding Dongs and Skittles, truth be told.

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Most everyone I know has some sort of a sweet tooth, myself included. While I do my best to try and eat healthy most days, I'd be lying if I didn't say I succumb to the pressure of a Resse Peanut Butter on occasion. I can hear those little snack devils calling my name each time I look at the bag.

Hey, at least I'm not walking around with Big Mac breath all the time, so I can feel good about that, I guess.

Speaking of snack foods and snackers, conducted a survey in conjunction with National Junk Food Day which happens to be July 21st each year. The research project was done to help determine the favorite snack food of every American in all 50 states. They left fast food out of their research, and instead just concentrated on candy and snack food items that can be purchased in stores.

What they found out is, most Americans have a weakness for Sour Patch Kids. That sugary sweet treat emerged as America's favorite snack food at the moment, followed by Skittles, Pringles, and Starburst.

What are sweet tooths in South Dakota craving most days?

Here in the Rushmore State, we tend to gravitate towards candy bars. Supposedly, the Baby Ruth bar is the state's go-to snack, followed by 3 Musketeers, and Snickers. collected data for their study over a 12-month period from July 17, 2022, through July 16, 2023.

If you're not going anywhere for a while, grab a Snickers bar and check out the complete results here.


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There seems to be no end to what a deep fat fryer can cook. And we prove it every day with our love of crispy, greasy, burnt-tongue, salty foods.

I won't argue that an order of onion rings or sweet potato fries is the best marriage partner to a burger. Especially when they are made from scratch. So, pile them high.

What are some other delights that need the fryer?

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