South Dakotans who drive electric cars or travelers passing through the state with electric vehicles will have more places where they can charge their vehicles by the end of the summer.

A total of seven new charging stations are scheduled to be installed along the interstates in South Dakota over the next few months.

I currently do not own an electric vehicle, so I am not overly cognizant of public charging stations around the Sioux Empire. Honestly, the only electric charging stations I ever remember seeing in Sioux Falls are located at the Hy-Vee store off Marion Road. I know there has to be more, so I did a little digging and see there are a number of hotels here in the Sioux Falls area like the Holiday Inn, the Hampton Inn, and others that offer charging stations.

Dakota News Now reports, South Dakota electric co-ops plan to install more charging stations at variety of locations throughout the state to make it more convenient for people driving electric cars to travel.

As things exist right now, there are very few charging stations located throughout the state. As a result, people with electric vehicles are often forced to charge their cars primarily at their homes. Depending on the size of the battery inside the vehicle, it can make things somewhat of a challenge for electric vehicle owners wishing to travel long distances.

According to Dakota News Now, the new charging stations planned for the state are considered level 3 and will be able to provide an electric vehicle with enough energy for a 100-mile trip in about 30 minutes.

Ben Pierson, Manager of Beneficial Electrification at Sioux Valley Energy told Dakota News Now, “A group of utilities got together and put in an application for some grant funds that were made available through the state of South Dakota and were going to be installing seven DC fast charging stations, along the interstate corridors ofI-29 and I-90."

The plan is for the new public charging stations to be placed about 75 to 100 miles apart. Electric charging stations will be located near the cites of Watertown, Brookings, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Chamberlain, Murdo, and Wall.

Additional charging stations will be added throughout the state as the need for them increases.

Several automotive manufacturers like General Motors, Nissan, Honda, and others are now producing electric vehicles.

Source: Dakota News Now

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