Those of us who have lived in South Dakota for most of our lives find just about every winter season an adventure. Or is that just me?

That's right, I'm one of those winter lovers. What I love about it is the absence of bugs, lawn work, humidity, and sunburns. Plus the fact that it's okay to hunker down inside with a cup of hot cocoa and binge-watch something you've been meaning to get to.

Viator is a Trip Advisor company that can help people with travel plans, or just offer up travel advice for people looking forward to a winter holiday adventure.

Recently, they did a survey comparing and contrasting every state with a serious winter season to find the 10 best spots in the U.S. for that wonderful winter getaway.

To come up with these results they examined each state for the number of ice rinks, ski resorts, and also available indoor activities - - because you can't hang out outside 24/7!

These were their Winter Adventure Top 10 States:

  1. Vermont- No surprise here, it also is designated as having the best place to ski in the U.S., with an average of 63 inches of snow every year.
  2. Alaska - "A winter lover's paradise" is the description for the second-place winter adventure state.
  3. Maine - Scenic coastline and snowy forests, plus lots of indoor activities boosted this state into third position.
  4. New Hampshire - It is small but has lots of skiing schools and "superb winter conditions".
  5. Wisconsin - That's right this state is about more than just cheese!
  6. Wyoming - The Grand Tetons, uncrowded skiing, and abundant indoor activities are reasons to visit this state.
  7. Colorado - This state scored extra well not just for the indoor & outdoor fun to be had, but also the fact that its snow is extra dry and fluffy.
  8. Montana - Big sky, big mountains, lots of ski resorts, and ice skating rinks plus snowshoeing and winter wildlife safaris too.
  9. Massachusetts - This winter adventure state scored with the highest number of skating rinks plus numerous indoor winter opportunities.
  10. South Dakota - We may not get as much snow as other states but we know what to do with it. Plenty of skiing and ice rink activity as well as other outdoor adventure activities put South Dakota on this list of winter holiday adventure states.

To see the complete Winter Adventure study, just go to Viator.

Source: Viator

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