Just how smart is the average South Dakotan?

Well, according to a recent study from the gang at Test Guide, the average resident of the Rushmore State falls somewhere between a Mensa Member and a toothless, banjo-playing Hillbillie fresh off the set of the movie Deliverance. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.

Test Guide conducted a study to determine the smartest states in the U.S. They examined key factors like IQ Scores, ACT and SAT Scores, high school graduation rates, and the percentage of people that hold bachelor's degrees in each state. They also took a peek at TV viewing behaviors, risky behaviors, and various beliefs. What they found out when they put the people of South Dakota under the microscope is that we fall into that above-average category.

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The state isn't populated with a bunch of Rocket Scientists, nor are we chock-full of people with manure for our brains.

Test Guide's findings revealed that South Dakota is the #14th Smartest State in the nation. The average South Dakotan has an IQ Score of 100.7, and an SAT Score of 1095. South Dakotans have a 92% graduation rate, and roughly a little over 10% of us in the state hold a Bachelor's Degree.

While the average South Dakotan might not be the Village Idiot, we aren't quite as smart as our friends to the east in Minnesota.

When it comes to the smartest states, Minnesota ranks #2 in the country, just behind all the highly intelligent folks living in Vermont which holds the top spot in the study.

If you're wondering, Mississippi is supposedly the dumbest state. They are currently ranked 50th in the country when it comes to the criteria used in Test Guide's research.

The average IQ Score in Mississippi is 95.8. According to Test Guide's study, the folks in the Magnolia state aren't too fond of libraries, they don't like to read much, however, they do love their pickup trucks, religion, gambling, and I would imagine their banjos.

Don't be offended Mississippians, we kid because we love.

Speaking of banjos, let's put a wrap on this story by enjoying Ronnie Cox and his banjo-playing buddy from the motion picture Deliverance.

Source: Test Guide

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