AAA says they expect around 47 million Americans to travel over the 4th of July weekend. Along with that, there could be a challenge to fill your vehicle with gasoline.

There is some concern that a tank truck driver shortage could affect gas supplies over the long 4th of July holiday weekend.

CNN is reporting that “the tanker truck drivers shortage along with the pandemic-related travel surge is causing supply chain bottlenecks and shortages. Several areas are already reporting gas shortages, including the Pacific Northwest and northern California. The trade group National Tank Truck Carriers reports up to 25% of tank trucks are sitting idle across the country. Industry insiders say there were driver shortages before the pandemic, but the lockdowns forced many drivers to retire or change jobs.”

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Some states are reflecting an increase in gas prices at the pump. The national gas price average is $3.10.

If you are traveling across South Dakota AAA is says the average price per gallon of gas is higher in the western part of the state than here in the Sioux Falls area. Pump price averages in Pennington County including Rapid City are around $3.13 per gallon.

Some of the Sioux Falls gas prices per gallon according to reflect Costco at $2.64, Loves at $2.85, Casey's at $2.85 to $2.95, up to $3.05 at the Sinclair on N. Cliff Ave.

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