Is it a problem finding a place to breastfeed in Sioux Falls? On November 2 Katy Brynn Des Enfants posted the following on her Facebook page:

“Why am I posting a picture of myself sitting on the floor in a bathroom? Because the @premier_center told me this was a nursing room. Changing my baby’s diaper in a space where the automatic toilet goes off with every move I make, scaring my baby.

It is so inappropriate that a building as large and expensive as the Denny Sanford Premier Center doesn’t have a nursing room - especially when I couldn’t bring my diaper bag in that has a blanket to adequately cover myself since my dress causes me to be fully exposed.

So, now my butt is cold, my baby is finally soothed by nursing, and I have a headache from her echoing screams caused by the toilet flush. I’m disappointed, @premier_center. Do better.”

KSFY TV is reporting that since the post, management from the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center facility has reached out to Katy to explain their policy and what they hope to have for moms in the future such as either constructing or bringing in temporary nursing pods.

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