Brent Plooster with Brentiis Design recently posted this picture on Facebook. If you live in or around Sioux Falls chances are you can identify the three iconic figures in Mr. Plooster's design.

Brent explained his inspiration for the design of his 'Sioux Falls Heroes' shirt like this: "I've been thinking on a series of these shirts for a long time and this happened to be the first incarnation of that. I feel that Sioux Falls has our own walking, reading, rolling bending memes, just like any good sitcom, This shirt is just the first of many nods to those people that make our home unique."

Include on the shirt are Mr. Bendo, an 18-foot iconic statue that stood for years in front of Buck’s Muffler Shop at 12th Street and Cliff Avenue. Mr. Bendo was moved in 2018 and now resides at Automotive Brake & Exhaust at 2516 S. Minnesota Ave.

Then there is Wilber the Coyote who used to ride around on his tricycle at Gigglebees Pizza parlor at 14th and Minnesota Ave. until it's closing in the early 2000's.

And the final icon included is the one who Sioux Falls residents affectionately refer to as the "Walking Bikini Book Reading Lady" who has been notably enjoying her leisurely walks in the city for years.

Brent Plooster does have T-Shirts for sale for $21 at I think I want one!

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