Identity theft is a huge problem in South Dakota and Around the World!

In the last several years, Facebook, Microsoft, and even the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)  were just a few major organizations that were the victims of data breaches.  Protecting your personal and financial information has become a top life priority for most people, or it should be.

Identity theft is one of the top consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission.

People having their IRS refunds stolen has surfaced as a growing crime every tax season too.

Identity theft is a crime that can make your life miserable for years!

The Better Business Bureau and the Sioux Empire CrimeStoppers are presenting their annual Shred-It Event, on Saturday, April 20, 2024, from 8 AM to noon at multiple locations here in Sioux Falls.

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This is great news for people like me who hate to spend quality time shredding sensitive documents, in the living room, while watching episodes of The Forensic Files.

And it's an easy, inexpensive, way for you to get rid of the credit card offers that pile up in your mailbox, old bills, tax forms, checks (if you use them- -yes I still write the occasional check), and anything else you don't want potential identity thieves digging through your recycling or trash for, in order to make your life hell!

How much will this cost?

This annual event is the sole fundraiser for the non-profit Sioux Empire Crime Stoppers and there is a suggested donation of $5 per box or bag.

For this touchless event, just load up your back seat or trunk, make sure the volunteers can grab them, and have your donation ready to hand over. That's it!

So bring your shreddables to one of these locations on Saturday, April 20, 2024:

  • WEST - Roosevelt High School Parking Lot  (41st St. & Sertoma Avenue)
  • EAST - Washington High School Parking Lot  (6th St. and Sycamore Avenue)
  • CENTRAL - Lincoln High School Parking Lot  (41st & Cliff Avenue)
  • SOUTH - Sioux Falls Christian School Parking Lot  (69th St. and Cliff Avenue)

The funds raised support the Sioux Empire CrimeStoppers and law enforcement in their efforts to fight crime in our community. So you are protecting yourself and your community by participating in this event!

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