This year the forecast for the Thanksgiving holiday travel is down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The AAA Travel estimates lighter travel this Thanksgiving holiday season with an estimated 50 million people are planning on traveling over the period. This is a drop of about 5 million people over the same period last year.

If you're braving the airports and flying for Thanksgiving the Transportation Safety Administration has some tips for you.

1.  Get to the airport early.  Don't assume anyone's flying and it'll be slow.  It could take just as long, or longer.

2.  Wear a mask.  They might ask you to briefly take it off when they check your I.D.  Otherwise, keep it on the whole time.

3.  Try to stay six feet apart while you're in line.  And don't freak out if the lines seem extra-long.  It's just because of everyone's social distancing.

4.  Yes, you can bring hand sanitizer on the plane.  And you don't have to follow the normal three-ounce rule for liquids.  With sanitizer, it's 12 ounces.  And disinfectant wipes are allowed in carry-ons too.

5.  You can ask TSA agents to change gloves.  They're supposed to do it between pat-downs, and whenever someone asks them to.

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CDC Safe Holiday Recommendations

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