You'll do a mountain of laundry, put together breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, patch up scraped knees, soothe broken hearts, read bedtime stories, and log hundreds of miles chauffeuring kids to sports practices, dance, music, and karate lessons, this week.

And all of those activities barely scrape the surface of what you do as a parent. So for just one evening, give yourself a break. This Friday, March 13, from 7 to 10 PM at Central Church, (3102 Ralph Rogers Road) the first Res Gen Parent's Night is going on.

This is a night for parents, to connect with each other, and with other parents, to laugh, to learn, and to share about the mysterious journey that is parenthood.

This event is presented by Restoration Generation (ResGen) and features three fantastic speakers. Comedian Dustin Nickerson whose observations about marriage, parenting, and generally being annoyed by people, will have you howling with laughter. Stuart Hall brings a message of inspiration wrapped in a package of humor and insight.

Finally, ResGen founder Tom Henderson will speak to the challenges of parenting in a time when demands and distractions are high, while faith, inspiration, and resolve, may be at a low point. He'll address issues of self-worth, acceptance, anger, isolation, and faith, among others.

Tickets are $12 and are available at Eventbrite. If you would like more information or would like to attend but cannot afford the tickets, please contact ResGen through the website, or by calling 605-929-4969.

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