The pilot of a United Airlines Flight that crash-landed in Sioux City, Iowa in July of 1989 has died.

KSFY TV is reporting that Captain Al Haynes has passed away at the age of 87 after a brief illness.

I personally will never forget July 19,1989, as long as I live.  I remember being super excited that day, because, I was driving to Brookings, South Dakota with my father, to buy a brand new 1989 Ford Probe. I always thought the Probe was quite the spiffy and unique looking vehicle for back in those days.

I distinctly remember listening to the radio on the drive back to Sioux Falls and the DJ breaking into the middle of a song to say there had been a terrible airline accident down in Sioux City. Flight 232 from Denver to Chicago experienced catastrophic engine failure while in flight, forcing it to make an emergency landing at the Sioux City airport.

The plane that Haynes was piloting that day somersaulted off the runway while attempting to land at the Sioux City airport killing 111 people on board. What is absolutely amazing is the fact that somehow 184 passengers were able to survive the horrific crash. No doubt due to the knowledge, experience, and actions of Haynes and his heroic United Airlines Flight 232 crew.

After getting home and turning on the TV to watch the footage of the crash, I remember thinking what a miracle it was that even one person was able to walk away from that disaster.

I also remember the joy and excitement I had for that day, quickly diminish, as my thoughts and prayers immediately turned to survivors, and the families of the 111 victims that lost their lives on that hot July afternoon.

RIP Captain Haynes. You will always be remembered for your bravery that day.

Source: KSFY TV

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