National Teacher Appreciation Day was this past Tuesday (May 7) but really, every day should be a day that we appreciate our educators. Right?

One Minnesota teacher knew she was getting a visit from ABC's Good Morning America, but she thought it was to talk about the dance program she brought back to life at North High School in Minneapolis.

It turns out that wasn't the reason they were there at all. Her students secretly arranged for the visit to be all about her and what a great teacher she is.

Kara Noble, Becky Worley from Good Morning America and the North High School Legacy Dancers
Good Morning America via YouTube

When Kara Noble came to North High School 3 years ago, participation in the dance programs had dwindled down to less than a dozen students. In the fall, she began her mission to get kids to participate and by Thanksgiving, almost 60 students were dancing their hearts out.

The school principal praised Noble's levels of engagement and encouragement with her students and the students themselves said it means everything to them that noble believes in them and their talent.

Kara Noble
Good Morning America via YouTube

The student dancers also got a surprise when members of the University of Minnesota dance team came in and invited the North Legacy Dancers to perform during halftime at a Minnesota Gophers football game in the fall.

Good Morning America also gifted Noble and her 5-year-old with a trip to Disneyland.

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So it turned out to be a day of major appreciation and encouragement for both Kara Noble and her students at North High.

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