Minnesota is enacting two new laws today (Aug. 1st). They are labeling them the Cell Phone & Slowpoke Laws. They are designed to make it safer to drive on Minnesota highways.

Under the law drivers traveling below the speed limit in the left lane will get you a ticket and a fine of $125 bucks.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington is quoted at duluthnewstribune.com saying: “If you’re passing, pass in the left lane. If you’re done passing, get out of the left lane and get back to the right lane as quickly as possible or as quickly as you can do it safely.”

Also starting Aug. 1st in Minnesota you won't be allowed to hold your cell phone behind the wheel or swipe, type, scroll or view content on your cellphones. If you are caught doing so, the first offense will cost you a $50 ticket plus court costs and after that tickets are $275 plus court costs.

Drivers are still allowed to use cell phones for single-touch and voice operations. You can also still use navigation systems. Emergency calls are also allowed.

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