Imagine a loved one telling you they're leaving to seek a new life elsewhere. You'd probably try and talk them out of it, at first. Then, ultimately, you'd support them, help them pack up their stuff, load the car and tell them to call when they got where they going.

But the phone never rings. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Months turn into years. No phone call.

Then, more than half a century later, news of your missing loved one finally comes, and it's not good.

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Human Remains Linked To Minnesota Cold Case

Dakota News Now reported that the remains of a man discovered in 2003 have been identified as Donald Rindahl. That is strange enough, but Rindahl actually disappeared in 1970.

That was after Rindahl told his family he was moving to California. He had been living with a roommate in New Brighton, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, at the time he disappeared.

His remains were then found in August of 2003, buried about 3 feet underground and approximately 30 minutes away, near Isanti, Minnesota, a town of around 5300 people, 45 minutes northeast of Minneapolis.

Isanti, Minnesota
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Donald Rindahl's Remains ID'd

A man who was just beginning a landscaping project on his property unearthed the remains.

 It was believed the body was that of a Caucasian male, 20-28 years old and had been buried for 3 to 28 years. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) obtained a DNA profile and dental records which were entered into missing person databases. A facial reconstruction was also commissioned to generate clues to the unidentified person's identity - -DNA Solves

The Isanti County Sheriff's Office partnered with a Texas-based forensic lab company in 2003 to start the process. Eighteen years later a DNA match was made with two of Rindahl's siblings.

They were later informed that the FBI had been looking for their brother in connection to a drug case prior to his disappearance. Family members said his parents (who sadly passed away without ever knowing what happened to Donald) always thought he would reappear at their home one day.

Based on the information from the family, as well as the scene in 2003, it is believed that Donald was a victim of homicide. It is believed that Donald was buried in Isanti County in late 1970 to early 1971 at the age of 22. It is further believed that there may still be people alive today who know what happened to Donald in 1970. Investigators are asking anyone with any information to contact the Isanti County Sheriff's Office at 763-691-2426 or CrimeStoppers of Minnesota at 800-222-8477. - DNA Solves

Not that a family ever gains closure when something like this occurs, but they are grateful to know where he is now, and are hopeful that this case will be solved soon.

Sources: Dakota News Now and DNA Solves


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