In 2020 we've seen a pandemic, murder hornets, wildfires, massive flooding, so what else could possibly pile on? How about a massive cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert?

This monster cloud of dust has been traveling from the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa heading straight for the United States. Right now it looks like it will hit the U.S. Gulf Coast this week.

According to NPR, this is a phenomenon that happens every year but this year it is “especially large and imposing”. They quote some experts as calling it the "Godzilla dust cloud" due to its unusual size.

The dust from the clouds will cause some visibility limitations, dramatic red sunrises, and sunsets, but also may have a very negative effect on people with allergies and respiratory issues.

NOAA has satellites that actually track the movement of the clouds. So we asked Todd Heitkamp, Meteorologist in Charge at the National Weather Service here in Sioux Falls if the massive dessert dust cloud would have any effect on South Dakota's weather.

Todd stated: “The current weather pattern will not allow the Sahara Dust Plume to move over the area. It now looks like it will pass over portions of Gulf Coastal states and travel north towards Illinois before heading off to the East.”

Well, finally a little good news that we use. The last thing I need right now while I'm social distancing is a big Godzilla Dust Cloud.

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