It's the grandest sport in the aisles and the sweetest prize for the impatient shopper. It's finding the fastest line in the grocery store.

We've all stood back with our cart 'o food and surveyed the checkout lines trying to make a quick decision on which line is going to be the fastest. Which checker looks they're really on their game today. Wait, is that Mable with a baggie full of coupon? That's one to avoid.

Actually, there is a science behind finding the quickest checkout and it's worth trying.

1. Did you know that right-handed shoppers tend to drift to the right? Scan the left checkouts and odds are you'll find less shoppers waiting to check out.

2. I don't mean to start a gender-debate here gentlemen, but data has shown that female checkers are faster.

3. Choose to get behind a shopper with a cart instead of several with baskets. It goes much quicker to scan one Fuel-Saver card than 4 or 5, even if there are less items to scan. Less people equals quicker transactions. Unless, of course, it's Mable with the coupons. There's really no answer for that.

While these tips seem pretty solid, and the mathematicians crunched the data, try to avoid the Mable Paradox. The instant regret when the line you almost chose is moving along nicely, and the one you've chosen has the dreaded blinking light that requires a manager for a price check.

Source: DailyMail


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