Do you know the old-timey saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure"?  Well, this is more "One man's trash is another man's garbage".

Check out these free finds actually listed on Craigslist in the Sioux Falls area. You might actually be able to use these. I'm just not sure for what?

"Couch & Love Seat for Free in Sioux Falls." It doesn't look like that love seat was really loved. On your way home with these, you may want to stop and pick up a can of gas and a match.

"Free upright piano in good working condition. It is in our basement currently. Dimensions are 28 in deep 56 in tall and 5 ft wide. You move it and it's yours." Good Luck with that.
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"Free dirt to anyone who can pick up." Might wanna check that pile for rocks...and small animals...and Jimmy Hoffa.

Says the TV "Works, missing controller, please don't ask a bunch of questions about specs because it's too old to dink around with it. I just wanna get rid of it." Translation... "Boat Anchor".

And hey...if you liked that free TV you're gonna love these vintage gems. Ya suppose they come with a free hoarder too?

All of this is "Free on the curb in Brandon first come first serve." Judging by the sign laying flat on the ground I'm guessing they no longer believe in Santa Claus.

"Free Trailer House. You remove. 36 ft. 2 axles. 6 bolt wheel pattern. Might have rims that fit." Yeah...that's what's missing ... rims.

"Free building. You move/disassemble, roughly 14x14, Roof is rotten, the floor is warped, Consumer assumes all safety, responsibility, and damages" Looks like someone consulted their lawyer for a disclaimer before giving away this quaint little Unabomber Cabin.

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