The future of the movie theatre in Faulkton, South Dakota hinges on an insurance claim after lightning damaged some equipment in April.

KSFY TV is reporting that a digital projector, server, and some computer components were all damaged after a lightning strike at the Lyric Theatre in Faulkton. Theatre owner Dave Huss told KSFY that technicians discovered an electrical surge had damaged various pieces of theater equipment last month.

Technicians determined the damage can be attributed to a lightning strike that sent current through ground wires into the back end of the theatre's operating system.

Whether the Lyric Theatre shows movies again on the big screen depends on the outcome of a $45,000 insurance claim according to KSFY TV. Huss says he might be forced to close down the theatre if the insurance company doesn't help cover the damage costs.

KSFY reports the small theatre operation in Faulkton was built by Huss' parents back in 1950 and has been family owned ever since.  

Source: KSFY TV

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