It appears Peter Cottontail has an evil relative who's been busy terrorizing the residents of a small town outside of Des Moines, Iowa.

No, this is not a tagline for some new horror movie set to debut in theaters this summer, there is actually a cute, little black bunny that has been hopping from home to home tormenting citizens in the small community of Perry, Iowa.

Dakota News Now reports this Bugs Bunny gone bad has been caught on camera aggressively lunging at people, it even jumped up and bit one woman recently. Then it immediately hopped to the house next door and trapped another woman inside her car. After she decided to run for it, the evil black bunny supposedly chased her to her door.

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The more this story unfolds, it actually sounds like it could pass as a script for a new horror flick. I can see it now, "Here Comes Peter Rottentail." The story of a bloodthirsty bunny killing down the bunny trail.

Dakota News Now is reporting this floppy ear fiend also bit a 13-year-old teenager in Perry. The teen lives in the same neighborhood as the other woman who was bitten by the bunny. According to a police report, the teenager will be getting a set of rabies shots as a precautionary measure.

Last Friday morning, police in Perry supposedly captured this Jack (the Ripper) Rabbit and took it to the city's wastewater treatment plant, where it was released. According to Dakota News Now, the rabbit hasn't been spotted since.

I smell a sequel in the works, "Here Comes Peter Rottentail 2", the night the hare came home.

Source: Dakota News Now

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