Years ago, it would be called a Sunday drive with families taking to the roads and leisurely take in the sights. This wasn’t exactly a Sunday drive, but it was a sight on the road less traveled.

Many times we are in a hurry to get somewhere and don’t get a chance to see people squeeze their creative juices. There are probably some folks who wonder if their pieces get noticed.

On the northwest corner of the intersection of 291st Street and 454th Avenue which is just west of Viborg this beautiful monstrosity has probably stood for months. Being a good citizen, I did not trespass onto private property to get a closer look. Plus even though the wind wasn’t blowing, I didn’t want to have something accidentally topple over with me in close proximity.

Seeing those round bales in the white wrapping strategically placed one on top of the other and looking like a snow family caught my eye. Congratulations to whomever took the time to plan and assemble it.

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