This year has been nuts for almost everyone. But it's been an especially crazy environment in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. As people are looking for ways to responsible socially distance during the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a surge in folks heading into wilderness areas.

I've canoed the BWCAW more times than I can count. As Wikipedia states: “The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, is a 1,090,000-acre wilderness area within the Superior National Forest in the northeastern part of Minnesota under the administration of the U.S. Forest Service.”

In a normal year, you have to get a permit to begin your adventure at one of many different lake entry points. Normally you are required to watch an orientation video prior to starting your trip. But this year because of COVID folks are getting permits online and just heading out. And some are totally unprepared.

BWCAW Ben Davis

I've been following various BWCAW blogs. There have been tons of stories of people acting badly and having to be rescued or escorted out.

This recent story is one of the latter. As you read this keep in mind that the BWCAW is the known habitat of mosquitos the size of small dogs.

BWCAW Ben Davis

The Brainerd Daily Dispatch is reporting that a drunken, disorderly, totally naked lady recently had to be escorted out of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness by the U.S. Forest Service law enforcement, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and Lake County sheriff’s deputies.

The officers allegedly boated into the lake and found the woman who wasn’t wearing any clothes and also enjoying or planning to enjoy some marijuana edibles. The naked lady was issued a citation and taken back to a boat landing on the lake outside the BWCAW boundary. Apparently all the others in the group, who were also women, got an escort out too.

Once they sober up I'll bet they'll be applying calamine lotion to places that bugs have never bitten before...

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