There has been a lot of conversation over the last couple of years about tiny home villages for our homeless veterans. Now, it's time to see the progress that has been made on one of them.

According to Dakota News Now, this weekend, Sioux Falls will have the opportunity to see the evolution going on at the Veteran's Community Project at 367 North Willow Avenue.

Eric Gage, the Executive Director of the Veteran's Community Project says that now is a good time to show off what has been accomplished so far.

The project's construction coordinator, Dave Rieger, who is also a veteran, is excited to have the community see and experience the development of this meaningful venture. “I think people will be very surprised. You know, we call these tiny houses, but it’s extremely spacious, and it beats the heck out of living in your van or your car or out on the street".

Rieger also talked about the need for hands-on volunteers to help with the ongoing work and invited anyone with construction experience or spare time to get involved with the project.

The Veteran's Community Project Open House is going on Sunday, April 2 from 10 AM to 1 PM at 367 North Willow Avenue.

For more information and to donate to the project just go to Veteran's Community Project online.

Source: Dakota News Now

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