This summer is set to feel like almost two completely different seasons, and that might cause an increase in a very interesting agricultural occurrence.

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Weather experts anticipate this summer to be a tale of two different weather patterns. For much of the Midwest, the beginning of summer is expected to be a somewhat wet and stormy one. This is very similar to the conditions of last year.

Iowa has already had some intensely dry conditions then swinging back to wet and stormy. That back and forth will continue this summer.

We've already experienced this plenty in Iowa this spring so far.

Overall, this weather period is anticipated to be relatively average for the time of year.

This will bring on some intense humidity and warmer than average weather especially towards the end of June throughout August. Much drier conditions will be seen throughout Iowa and the Midwest once August strikes.

Dry conditions as mentioned will probably bring about an interesting and higher than average amount of "corn sweat."

Unsplash - Jaroslaw Kwoczala
Unsplash - Jaroslaw Kwoczala

Multiple major media outlets have been posting about the infamous "corn sweat."

All of our hard-working farmers know that crops like corn and soybeans draw moisture straight from the ground and evaporate through their leaves or stems, according to the Washington Post.

The official word for this is evapotranspiration.

This mixes in with other water molecules to give us more humidity!

Reports say that a single acre of corn can actually release enough water to fill an entire swimming pool. This is meant to keep the corn cool with the heat and lead to a higher dewpoint.

So, this extra humidity is adding to the already record-breaking temperatures and the heat wave we're experiencing. The heat index throughout the country was especially oppressive this weel.

So, all of this corn sweat is also making YOU sweat a whole lot this summer!

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