Dale Nordlie posted a picture on his Facebook page he took in the Empire Mall Parking Lot. Who parks like this?

Dale stated in his post: “We were at The Empire Mall today for a walk. When we arrived I noticed this parking free-for-all in the parking lot. This photo was taken about two hours later when we left. I don't know about you, but I would be pissed if I were in the middle row!!”

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Some comments on the picture included:

Alexandra Szameit: “We were there a couple of days ago and the same thing. I was wondering if maybe they were employees who all get off at the same time - lol I can't imagine parking like that.”

Randy Torkelson: “I guess I give people in Sioux Falls too much credit. In going to have to rethink things. They can't all be from Iowa.”

Ardis Ann Matson: “Happens all the time in big parking lots when the marks are hidden by snow. One would think that they would notice they have blocked a car in the middle!”

Kevin Gulbranson: “My 4x4 truck would find a way out of that middle row. No problem!”

Rick Hangfire: “hide the lines and the idiots are lost.”

Kindra Johnson: “I drove from sc to SF daily to work at the mall, it was a crapshoot. We still talk about how bad it gets.”

Jerry Shrieves: “Just call the cops and have them ticketed and towed. That’ll teach em.”

Who would pull in and block someone in like this? I can't imagine that there aren't other spots available where you wouldn't be blocking other shoppers in?

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