Get the kids off the video games and turn them loose in the outdoors for a day. The 12th Annual Youth Expo is ready to unveil a great day this Saturday, August 28 at the Garretson Sportsmen's Club. The event is absolutely FREE from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Kids can expect to learn and participate in awesome outdoor activities such as

Hanging out with reptiles
Shooting BB guns
Animal identification
Rifle safety and shooting basics
Puppy training
Cooking and tasting wild game
Knife and hatchet throwing

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There is also a chance to win great prizes through a raffle and food and beverages will be available.

One of the main attractions to the KKIDS Youth Expo just might be the SuperX Freestyle Show featuring some sweet motorcycles and riders catching some serious air with hard-to-believe stunts and flips.

What does KKIDS stand for? Keeping Kids in outDoor Sports. Amen to that, brother.

Learn more about this free event here.

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