Every school kid loves their juice boxes, and chicken nuggets, not to mention hamburgers and corndogs, for lunch. Well, now it seems that some of these standby tasty lunch items will be missing from school lunch menus, come fall.

With so many schools less than a month away from opening, school districts are facing a shortage not only of these food products but much more.

Thanks to the pandemic and the resulting supply chain interruptions, schools may also find that they are short of trays to serve lunches on, the cooks to prepare and serve them, the food suppliers and drivers to get the food where it needs to be, and food processors.

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The shortage of processors means that labor-intensive products like hamburger patties and corndogs, (who knew?) may be replaced with more plentiful and easily prepared items. And don't even get started on the juice boxes!

Right now many school district food program coordinators are juggling menus, struggling to find suppliers and employees, just as suppliers are fighting the same battles.

Food Processing, The Information Source for Food and Beverage Manufacturersreports that "Schools are being advised to consolidate deliveries, speed up payments to make contracts more attractive and find new ways to use items like chicken and pasta".

So will Sioux Falls school kids get used to chicken and pasta casseroles. Will they rise up in protest over the absence of corn dogs & juice boxes, if and when it occurs? Doubtful. As a rule, Sioux Falls kids are taken pretty good care of.

At the time this was written, no information was supplied by the Sioux Falls School District. A return phone call is being waited upon and the article will be updated as any new details become available.

Sources: Food Processing and The Wall Street Journal

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