We get used to things. It's only human nature. So this morning when I went to respond to one of our Facebook buddies, I noticed something had changed.

No, it wasn't life-changing, earth-shaking, or mind-blowing- - but  I observed it right away. The Facebook "like" button is now a pink flower with a white thumbs up in the middle of it.

If you already have forgotten what the "like" button we've become accustomed to (well most of us) looked like, it had a blue background. If you're on Facebook, you've probably clicked it hundreds of times, if not more!

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Facebook is being very coy about it right now, but there is plenty of online speculation. I even checked on the Facebook Facebook page (man, that is weird to see in print), Googled it, checked YouTube and Instagram - - nothing.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the hypotheses ping-ponging about the "interwebs" is correct, and that is, that Facebook has gone all Mother's Day on us!

Kind of nice, huh? But then will it go back to the blue it has been forever? Or maybe change for every holiday? Perhaps a dad on the couch for Father's Day, grill for Memorial Day, Fireworks for the 4th of July, - - well you get the idea. And I think it's a good one.

But maybe that's just me.

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