My dear friend Patty Dee expressed great amazement and then anger at the fact that I had vacuum-sealed sandwiches. I politely clarified that I had made some delectable Chicken Salad Sandwiches and preserved two of them for later by vacuum sealing them in plastic.

Her amazement turned to unbridled aggression. She called me rather descriptive words like, “Dimwit”, “Simpleton”, and “Ignoramus” and suggested that the use of my Food Saver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System was out of control. Citing that my wife was also “flabbergasted” that I would choose to vacuum seal a sandwich.

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Foodsaver Sealer

I explained that folks around the world protect their sammies this way. She would have none of it saying: "I mean, who vacuum seals sandwiches?! If I saw those in a Gas Station, I'd probably go for the 10-year-old, roller-grill wiener!"

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She even went as far as to employ others to aid in her mockery. And to my amazement, our pals Al, Adam, & Todd were more than willing to join in the denunciation!

Todd: "That photo says it all! Why would anyone do such a dumb-ass thing?"

Al: "The failed over-engineering of something that doesn't need fixin'! And they look stupid. You will remember to take the plastic off before you eat them, right?"

Adam: “Looks like lungs from an autopsy.”

Just so you know, the vacuum-sealed Chicken Salad Sandwiches were flavorsome and yummy. I can't believe someone as kitchen savvy as my friend Patty would rebuke me so? time you see Patty, ask her about her recipe for "bathtub salad"....


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