Easter Sunday traditions vary from family to family. Some will paint Easter eggs and others will go to church in the morning then enjoy a big dinner afterward. Then there are some who, according to Sioux Falls police, get high and are found passed out in a car with a child in the back seat.

According to Sioux Falls Police, this unfortunate incident on Sunday around 10:30 p.m when a report came in saying there were people passed out in a vehicle. The caller mentioned a child was seen in the vehicle.

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Police say 23-year-old Charles Kendrick Williams Jr. and 21-year-old Nicole Daniel Ross, both from Sioux Falls, were waiting for food in a car at a restaurant parking lot near 41st Street and South Louise Avenue. Dakota News Now says police found Williams and Ross passed out with a two-year-old in the vehicle.

A quick investigation by police determined that Williams and Ross were under the influence of a substance. Police arrested Williams for abuse or cruelty to a minor under seven years old, possession of marijuana, DUI, open container, and possession of paraphernalia. Ross was arrested for abuse or cruelty to a minor under seven years old.

Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services worked with law enforcement to find arrangements for the child. Police don't know what relationship the child has with the adults.

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