Can you believe it, Friday is already October 1st!

Time to start shifting into Halloween mode. I guess when you think about it, that already started to happen back in July when all the grocery stores started setting up their Halloween candy displays and endcaps.

Over the weekend I couldn't help but notice that AMC has aggressively started to promote their Fear Fest 2021 which gets underway this Friday as well. Horror movie fans start your chainsaws and get ready for a 31-day movie marathon featuring the likes of, Michael Myers, Jason, Freddie, Ghostface, every spook on the block.

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AMC is planning 80 different movies, with 400 hours of horror-themed programming all October.

Locally, here in the Sioux Empire, the gang at the Jaycees Feargrounds is dying to see you too.

Right now, the Jaycees are busy preparing for another spooktacular season as they get ready to open the doors to "Fear High" out at the fairgrounds.

W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds map
Sioux Falls Jaycees

Fear High is the theme of the 2021 haunted house. According to the Jaycees website, classes will be in session starting on Friday (October 8) as the scare season officially gets underway inside the Arts Building on the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds.

The dates for this year's haunted house are Friday and Saturday, (October 8 and 9). Thursday through Saturday, (October 14-16). Thursday through Saturday, (October 21-23). A special less scary kids day is planned for Sunday, (October 24). The always fun Blackout Night is slated for Wednesday, (October 27). That's the night the Jaycees turn off all the lights in the haunted house and give every person in attendance an LED light to navigate its haunted halls. And classes at Fear High for the 2021 season come to a dead end on Thursday through Sunday, (October 28-31).

The Fear High ticket window opens nightly at 6:45. The Jaycees want you to know, they cut off ticket sales anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour before the haunted house closes each night, so all the spooks can get back to the sanitarium at a reasonable hour.

It goes without saying that a number of the Fear High staff will be wearing masks and the Jaycees recommend you do as well. Just so you know, COVID-19 masks are recommended, but not required to enter Fear High.

Stop by the Jaycees haunted house website if you dare for hours, ticket information, and to learn how you can volunteer.

Source: Jaycees Feargrounds 

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