It's hard to believe Sioux Falls has over 700 restaurants, especially if you were trying to find a place to eat on Saturday night like me and kept encountering the usual, "That will be a 45 to 50 minute wait, sir" every where you went.

One thing is for certain, the threat of COVID wasn't keeping anyone at home this past weekend. I guess that same thing can be said for pretty much every other weekend in Sioux Falls, but this past one seemed especially bad for some reason.

The combination of long waiting lines in restaurants and the traffic congestion on streets like 41st and Louise Avenue were off the charts crazy both Saturday and Sunday!

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A set of patient pants was definitely needed. Unfortunately, I don't own any.

As I sat waiting for my little buzzer to start blinking at one of my favorite go-to eating establishments Saturday night, I started thinking, Sioux Falls supposedly has more restaurants per capita than most larger cities. So how in Zeus' bunghole does this same thing happen seemingly every single weekend in this town?

I mean, it's not like like there's a state basketball tournament bringing a gazillion different people to Sioux Falls every weekend, right?

Just maybe, the real problem is me. I always seem to gravitate to the same five or six places to eat all the damn time! Me and practically everyone else in the city, it appears. Evidently, Sioux Falls is populated with a large number of creatures of habit.

Once I finally got home, this little overcrowded restaurant dilemma inspired me to start searching for a few Sioux Falls restaurants that I've never heard of and wanted to make a point of trying soon.

So I cracked open my computer and began my quest.

Now I tend to like just about every type of cuisine, so I didn't put any limits on my search. What I found was a true revelation there really is a TON of different places to eat in this city.

I was amazed to see all the different types of restaurants Sioux Falls has to offer. Who knew there was more than just the corner booth at Tinner's Public House. Let it be known I do enjoy the corner booth at Tinner's. It's tough to get, but well worth the wait!

I had never heard of places like the "K Restaurant", "Frankie's", "Botski's Bar and Grill", "Books n Brewz Pizzeria", "The Willows Restaurant", some pancake place called "Denny's" (kidding!), the "Maple Street Cafe" and countless other Sioux Falls best kept secrets that kept popping up on tripadvisor.

Most of the places I was unearthing had great reviews not only about their food but also their dining atmosphere.

How about you? What little hidden gems have you run across lately in Sioux Falls when it comes to eateries? Please help a stuck in a food rut brother out by leaving a comment on our station Facebook page.

I need to expand my horizons. That, and I want to avoid getting handed another blinking buzzer box again this coming Saturday night if at all possible.


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