We all have seen the orange cones in and around Sioux Falls over the last few years and they always come out of hibernation the most in the summer.

Over the last 12 months, there has been a lot of construction work on the roadways that surround the city of Sioux Falls and that connect it with the smaller communities like Tea, Brandon, and others.

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During that time frame, if you have gone west on 12th street out of town and toward Wall Lake Oil, you have seen additional road work being done there as well.

Recently, they made some additions to the road as it switches from 12th street to the highway that may have you questioning what the new things in the road actually are.


Jeff Thurn Townsquare Media Results Radio
Jeff Thurn Townsquare Media Results Radio

As you can see from the pictures, they have added not only updated grates to the shoulder of the road, but also to the centerline.

If you have ever veered off to the side too far, you know that noise these grates make when you cross them, causing a correction in steering and hopefully safer travel.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous accidents on this road and even one recently resulted in multiple deaths.

The nature of the crashes along with more travelers on the road probably precipitated the idea to add the grates in all those locations.

Hopefully, these added safety measures will reduce the number of accidents and make a very busy roadway that much safer.


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