The phrase "The Great Outdoors" took on a whole new meaning over the last year-and-a-half. Primarily because it was the only place people not only felt relatively free, but safe.

Outdoor locations around our state took on new importance throughout all four seasons. But now, as we come into a second summertime of what for most of us has been a once-in-a-lifetime happening, people are emerging from their cocoons.

Thankfully, South Dakota is one of those places where finding a great location to be outdoors, just isn't that difficult.

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Of course,  when a lot of travel writers and publications look at our state they only see the western part of the state. I get that. There is no disputing the abundance of natural beauty in western South Dakota. There is a national monument located there after all.

It would be an error to leave those places out, but let's take a peek at a few, and I emphasize, a few, of the great outdoor adventure areas closer to home.

As I mentioned, these places compile a very short list of great outdoor adventure areas, mostly in southeast South Dakota.

But don't forget about all the amazing parks in Sioux Falls, the Beaver Creek State Nature Area, Lewis & Clark Rec Area in Yankton, the Freeman Chislic Festival (July 31, 2021) is mostly outdoors, and for people who've never had chislic, is definitely an adventure.

You probably even have secret outdoor adventure areas you don't share with anyone. Good for you!

Source: Simply South Dakota

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